Monthly Archives: August 2010

They are back!


The evil ladies are back! They knocked this morning, but when I saw them through the window, Laura and I went hiding behind the door until they left.

I thought I could get away without the sign Lillywhites & Mr. Wonderful suggested, but I was wrong!

It was a bit ridiculous me whispering to Laura about the ladies and asking her to be quiet, but I guess she understood and she was “whispering” too. Good girl.


The sun is shining!


What a difference it makes when the sun is out. It’s quite hot as well, but this is not even that important (especially when you have to walk in the sun with a baby).

Today is not as cold as the previous days and despite some very few clouds, the sun is shinning beautifully outside. Baby Laura wasn’t so sleepy this morning, so I had to wake up early (despite my body wanting to stay in bed for longer). Laura is a bit funny today – instead of crying like before, I guess she found out that she has a “voice” and now she screams. It’s quite funny, but I’m sure it will become annoying if she continues with that. And I’m still to learn when it is a complaint scream or a happy scream. So, she was very vocal today, I had to play a lot with her, but even though I managed to do so much. I love this very productive days, when I can give Laura the attention that she requires and also do some work in the house.

We also went for a “walk”. Actually I’m glad we went by car, because the sun in the UK can be very deceiving. When it’s behind clouds, it can be quite chilly outside, but when the sun is out it will burn your skin badly. It’s almost a 30 minutes walk to the high street – quite a lot to let Laura exposed like that.

The day is not over yet – loads planned before 6pm. Nothing too exciting though. 🙂

Saturday night and we’re at home


Suddenly I’m missing a nice night out. I guess it’s because I can’t have it. :-S

I had a friend from work here today and it was good to chat about work and travel for a change – lately all the conversation is baby-related. I cooked prawn risotto for lunch and baked a cake.

It would be great if baby went to sleep (she’s fighting against it) so we could watch a film and eat popcorn.

Tomorrow we’re heading west and on Monday (Bank holiday here) we are off for some shopping.

Call me crazy


I’m reading a blog about humanized labour (as in birth, not work) and guess what? I’m terribly missing all my labour experience. Really missing, wishing I could go back in time and be at the end of my pregnancy again and go through the whole process and maybe see if I would have done anything differently.

Not sure if I told here before, but as soon as Laura was born and I saw her healthy and safe, I wanted to go through everything again. I loved being pregnant and I loved giving birth.

I can’t believe how much I’m missing it now… maybe it’s because I know some few women about to have babies, like Eriquinha, who is going to be a mum for the 2nd time anytime soon, Mari whose first baby, Vicky, is coming in November, Carla, who is having her baby boy in December…

My head says I need to wait at least two years after getting pregnant again – firstly because my body needs to recover (I swear that I can still feel my hips opened!) from the whole experience, secondly because I want to enjoy my baby Laura and see her growing and learning to turn, to crawl, to walk, to talk, etc. and thirdly because being a mum is the best experience ever, but, geez, it’s hard work.

Brazil, here we go!


Did I mention that we have our tickets to Rio, going on the 25th September, coming back on the 15th October?

Did I mention that we are not staying in Rio this time, as my flat is rented?

Did I mention that I couldn’t book seat with a cot because BA only allows you to see the seats available AFTER you book and pay for your tickets – and there are only TWO cots in the cabin we are in?

Did I mention that extremely cold temperatures in Rio’s winter are around 17C (it was 33C this week – and it’s winter)? And it’s summer in London and it’s 19C now? Laura will be able to wear her summer clothes one last time before she overgrows them! Uhuu. Actually some of them are already small, but I’ll try to squeeze her in one last time. I can’t believe that she will be able to wear only nappies for a change.

Did I mention that I’m happy we are going and scared of the trip? 12 hours holding a 4 months old baby that doesn’t like to sleep is not my idea of a fun holiday.

P.S.: Mr. C is not going this time – it’s a Mummy & Baby adventure.



Yesterday, Laura and I joined a friend from work and her baby and went to the final bits of the Staff Away Day. I’m glad we did go as it was really good to see the guys from work again, especially out of the work environment. The task of the day was to film video clips and by the time we got there they were editing everything – so we managed to see the final thing. It was hilarious and almost all videos were great. Although some people said that it was a long day (we left around 8pm when the actual thing finished, and dinner was going to be served followed by disco), I guess it was one of the funniest away days so far.

It was great to catch up with people and find out that two other ladies are pregnant. So, 4 at the moment + another 8 on maternity leave (4 coming back this year).

And baby Laura behaved really well and didn’t cry much with all the new people she met – and she even manage to sleep through the loud music, including Prodigy. I’m happy we braved the crappy weather to go – Laura and I are still covered in glitter from all the hugging and kissing.

P.S.: Didn’t take the pram/sling, so my arms are dead today.

Be happy with what you’ve got


Finding a good cleaner in this country is really hard, especially when comparing to Brazil, when it’s quite common to have a cleaner for the whole day, at least once a week (mine used to go 3x times/week). We are testing cleaners and at the moment we are trying 4 hours/day every other week.

I first tried a cleaning company in my street – but they were very expensive. The girls did a good job in the kitchen and bathroom – the most important ones in my opinion, but the other rooms were good, but not great to justify the price. Or maybe they were great (for the local standards), but I couldn’t justify paying the price.

Then I went to another company and they sent me a British cleaner. Nice lady, very chatty, but the job wasn’t amazing. I’m ok with not amazing jobs, but then she let me down. She was off sick for the whole week and couldn’t come and next week she is on holidays for 2 weeks. Fair enough if you are sick and cannot work, but not fair enough if you are still going to your other clients. Anyhoo, I don’t like to judge people too much without knowing the full story behind it – what if she didn’t want to come because of my baby?

I phoned the company and requested a replacement for this week, as I can’t go on with the house as it is. It has been raining a lot and the entrance of the house is quite dirty. They’ve sent this lady, from the Philippines. She is very nice and after 5 minutes I found her quite good as well – just by simple things as she saying “don’t worry about that, I’ll sort it out”, “go chill out with your baby and I’ll carry on with everything”, “let me organise this cupboard first”. And she vacuum cleaned the mattress!!  After a quick chat, I found out that she has a full time job in a nursery not too far from here and she work as a cleaner in her free time (half term, school holidays) because she gets “bored” at home. Ok, I got the message – I only have her as a one off and I’ll have to go back to the “old” British lady until I get something better.