It’s almost August


Time is flying. It doesn’t feel that much for me because I’m at home and things are moving in a slower pace than what I’m used to. But it’s nearly August and 5 more months we are in the new year.

In August my in-laws (mom, dad, sis and sis’ hubbie) will come for a 10 day visit. I have a couple of weeks to organize the mess a little bit so they can be comfortable in the house, and not bumping into boxes and parts of unbuilt wardrobes. I’m pretty sure we can finish the wardrobes this weekend, as it looks like it will be a quiet one, and get rid of the boxes next week. Then it’s just trying to hide the existing mess. We need to impress his mom, who worked really hard when we moved, and show her that there were some improvements since she left. Hopefully the garden, the new sofa and the baby’s room will do the trick. Nevermind the top floor room.

Laura will also be baptized while they are here. I don’t have the details yet, but will post the pictures of the event here.

Also in August she will have her first appointment with a pediatrician. A bit weird that she will be almost 3 months old when a pediatrician will see her for the first time. It makes you wonder what this is all about. She will also have her second renal scan to check if the liquid in her kidneys is gone for good. After that, the 2nd set of vaccinations and we are off to September.


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  1. Second scan, already? Jonas had only one and the next one is due on October. And by the way, he hasn’t seen a paediatrician except for the kidneys thing. Apart from that he’s only seen a doctor in his 6 week exam, which was a very general thing.

    But anyway, unless your child is green or has tentacles, they say everything is normal, so there isn’t much of a point seeing a doctor anyway 🙂

    (and he’s having the second set of vaccines this Thursday as well)

  2. Oh oh let me know how the doctor’s appointment goes, and I am sure your in-laws will be very proud of you even with boxes and things about! Is all about baby L.! Texted you about the baptism. xxx

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