The sun is still shining


At 9 weeks, Baby is 4,860kg, which is good, but the growth wasn’t as great as 4-5 weeks before. I’m not worried, as I said, it’s good. She is not a big baby and I don’t except her to be – if you know us, will understand why – but it’s always good when the GP/midwife/health visitor says “wow, her weight is above average; well done you!” Why? Because being a 100%-breastfed baby, the credits go (at least in the mother’s mind) all to the milk and to the efforts of breastfeeding. Ego issues here? Yes, of course! I haven’t been to a beauty saloon since I went on maternity leave in the beginning of May! I haven’t been to the gym properly for ages, I can barely brush my hair, I’m overweight, looking and feeling tired, not an attractive wife, moody… at least I could get a golden star when it comes to baby development – because baby happiness is doubtful since she chose not to be friends with me.


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