The sun is shining


The last few days were a bit busier than usual and tiredness is building up. On top of the usual business (i.e. taking care of a baby – feed, dress, bathe, entertain, soothe – shop for groceries, clean what can be cleaned, keep up to speed with the latest news from friends – via twitter, blogs, facebook), I had visitors on Thursday – a friend from work, whose baby is 3 weeks younger than mine, visited a friend on Friday – and had to rush back to open the door to the Ikea men, we went to M8tal’s leaving barbecue (boohoo) then Ikea again, on Sunday we went to see the sofa showroom (really far away), then to pick Mari up to have lunch with other friends and see Italiano’s flat for the first time (in my case).

All great for me as I haven’t been out much, but I think it was too much for Little Miss Sunshine and she was very moody and vocal for two days now.

Yesterday we took it easy, especially because in the afternoon she decided to scream so loud that I’m almost deaf and she almost lost her voice. Annoyingly enough, she had the same crisis yesterday, but at least she had a reason.

Yesterday was immunisation day and this means two jabs in her tighs. I feel for her, poor thingy. The needle seemed so big for her little legs, and of course they have to give two injections, right? Poor girl didn’t even recover from the first one and tchum another one for you. She was very upset, and because she was also really tired, she decided to break up with me. Besides screaming like someone was beating her up, she wouldn’t look at my face, except for a couple of times. When daddy arrived was even worse, because then she wouldn’t look at all, and not even feed properly! I guess she thought that I either set her up for those jabs (which is not 100% wrong…) or should have protected her from the pain.

Oh, well, I’m a mother, I’ll never get it right, so matter how hard I try. That’s rule #1 of motherhood.


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  1. Aww, bless, soon she will be crying alright, but because she WANTS to go out! Because you are writing this diary you can show to her what was like when she cried because she wanted to stay home! LOL xx

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