And she confesses: no, I’m not modern


A couple of friends said that my “black-and-white” decoration idea was very modern. I’m far from modern. And I’m not proud of it. But to clarify, here is what I was thinking of doing with the living room:

Our floor is very similar to this one (maybe lighter?), so I thought black sofa, (maybe, still not sure) black dining table and/or chairs, everything else in wood, but lighter than this. On our white walls, black and white frames, pictures, etc, with some red details (still thinking, still thinking).

But then I saw this dining table and I loved it. Instead of red chairs, I would prefer black and white. And would put a black and white cushion on the bench. Actually the dining table is pretty plain – I liked the chair-bench combination.

Of course these are only ideas, we don’t even know when we will give the next step (dining table) and what we will do with the other stuff we have.


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  1. Hahaha, when I say black and white is modern, it just means is very in fashion, several people going for that look. I love that dining table and would have one if we had a huge room like yours! You know me, I am all for you having the house like you feel comfortable and not care too much by what people or magazines say you should or should not do 🙂

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