In pictures


While Ikea doesn’t deliver the stuff I bought (it will be delivered this Friday), here are pictures of the only room in the house that is sort of done: our bedroom.

Ok, I lied. We will change the blinds because they are ugly broken and don’t block the light that well. Still not sure if I’ll go with a plain white blind or with fabric curtains. I like the second option best although it’s more trouble to clean (and guess who will have to clean it?). The moses basket is also temporary: hopefully it will be there for another month or two.

The bed is old from the previous house and doesn’t match anything in this new house, but we decided to keep it for a while. It’s too big for the guest room anyway.

The room looks quite small compact with this big bed and the wardrobe (the white wall is a fitted wardrobe, it was in the house when we moved – not very practical, but handy). And there is the chest of drawers we bought in Ikea to fit some of our clothes.

The wall are pretty empty but the idea is to put a mirror on top of the drawer – or maybe not, as I heard that it’s not good to have mirrors in the bedroom (something like if your soul decides to leave your body while you sleep and wander around, it’s not good to face a mirror on its way – or along these lines), and a big picture on the wall on top of the bed – or several smaller pictures.

What about this for a picture? 🙂 She will certainly be the model of several of our pictures.

That’s all for this post.


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  1. Wow I love hes expressions! She is sooo cute when interacting, smiling, “talking”. She’s getting prettier every day!

  2. I always loved the way she always smiled, from her birth! Awww! I will send you the links for the curtains I’ve found… Oh about the mirror, I heard is bad only if is facing you (in front of your feet or face) but should be fine is facing the window or a door 🙂

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