Should I feel guilty for doing nothing today? Baby L is behaving so well that I decided to upload my blog and upload photos and videos. I also cooked – dinner and lunch for tomorrow (you never know when little monster will attack).

It has been two lovely days on the Baby L front – I mean, tough but at least she is not screaming and crying too much. And today I can’t complain, she slept (a lot for her standards) onw her own. And I also decided that ‘whatever, the kid is two month 8 weeks and 3 days old, so if she needs full time attention, she will get full time attention’. Very tiring, but she has learned so much in these last few days that it’s totally worth it.

Anyway, so, although I think I deserve a break, I feel really bad for not being productive, not going out, etc. Guilt is my worse enemy, along her twin sister paranoia. Tsk.


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  1. vc jah tah fazendo um big big accomplishment, criando sua nenem sozinha num pais estrangeiro! Nao se cobra nao, ur doin a terrific job!!! Relax and enjoy qdo puder assim feito hj (by the way, vou precisar que vc me diga o mesmo daqui a 3 meses!!!!)

  2. Sweetie, all the mums I know miss this bit of the baby when they grow up and become independent and the moms can finally get a break ๐Ÿ™‚ So better you feel a bit guilt now for not going out, or “not being productive” (which you are, you just don’t see it now) then feel guilty you didn’t care for Laura as you wanted during these early months.
    Your “production” and friends to go out will always be here for you to catch up with but baby Laura will only be a teeny baby for a short time ๐Ÿ˜‰

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