fish out of the water


This afternoon I went to the first time mums group. There were 7 of us with our babies. I thought Baby L was growing and becoming a normal-to-big baby, but hey no way. Geez, some pretty massive babies there and thank goodness mine is small. A 20-pound 3 months old baby? No thanks. I don’t even know how much this is in kilos, but I’m guessing 8+?

Anyway, it was the first of five meetings and to be honest, I felt like I don’t belong there. First of all, I’m the only foreigner, married to a foreigner and not having a blond or ginger blue eyed baby. One of the beauties of living in London/England is the diversity. Then you have the other differences: some very young girls (under 25), an older lady with teenager kids. All the conversation was around birth, baby names, stitches. Just a brief mention of work. Fine, it’s a mums group, so you expect to talk and hear about these things, but is it just me desperate to find a decent and inexpensive beauty saloon in the area? Gym anyone? If it is to be shallow, let’s do it properly.

Next session, I’m hoping to remember to ask about putting earrings on Baby L. I think the next sessions will be more interesting as there will be external “speakers”. For the time being, I just feel like a I moved to a wonderful neighbourhood that has nothing to do with my lifestyle.


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  1. ai, chris, que situacao!
    Conheco algumas pessoas que gostaram de participar de playgroups/mumgroups, mas sinceramente nao eh a minha praia 😦 Normalmente o perfil das maes eh bem diferente daquele no qual eu me enquadro e por mais que eu me considere uma pessoa flexivel, nao tenho muita paciencia pra certas figuras =O|
    bom, estou aqui de dedinhos cruzados pra que os proximos encontros sejam melhores… boa sorte!=)

  2. pois eh, o mal de morar mais longe/ suburbs eh isso. mas num desiste cedo, as vezes aparece uminha que tem mais a ver contigo, q tb fica perdida no meio da branquelada. Aqui tb jah senti q, apesar da diversidade, eh mta gente meio nada a ver comigo. achei uma mexicana que era mais meu perfil, mas ela tah voltando, vai ter a nenem no Mexico e deve ficar lah nos primeiros meses…. tenta continuar indo soh pra falar mal dos outros aqui no blog, a gente vai gostar de rir dos textos…

  3. Aww, I think maybe they do want to talk about it, but no one is brave enough to say something?? Maybe if you start? Or if you move time and dates , if this is not the only session…?

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