Sunday wasn’t too bad either


Weather-wise, today was almost as great as yesterday. But no barbecue today – we have too much food in the fridge.

We went shopping – mum wanted to buy some stuff to take home – and Baby L was really well behaved.

We’ve been trying to sort out loads of things in the house, which has been quite stressful, so Mr C. and I haven’t had much time together just to chat and relax and laugh. He is traveling tomorrow very early in the morning and comes back on Tuesday evening. Mum is sick for almost a week now.

I’m exhausted. I feel exhausted. So today I decided to have some me-time and have a very long shower (nevermind the water wastage), using almost all cosmetic products I have and haven’t had the opportunity to use in the last couple of months. It was great but I was punished by little L for my absence – she fed for 55 minutes non-stop. Quite tiring – and although she stopped at some point, she didn’t seem quite satisfied and had a bit more an hour later. Poor thing is extermely sleep but can’t sleep – that’s really heartbreaking: I know what it is to be sleep and not be able to sleep.

In the meantime, Spain is driving this household nuts!


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  1. Aww, a good shower and bath is always great sweetie! Glad you could get a bit of me time at least a little bit… Soon Laura will be more independent hang on in there! xxxx

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