Here are some pictures of Laura’s bedroom.

Auntie Mari did this sign for her – very talented auntie Mari is.

The chest of drawers is at the entrance. I wasn’t sure if this was the best place, but since I didn’t plan anything before buying the furniture, I had to go with what seemed the best option. Originally, her bedroom was supposed to be the tiny room next to ours, but since the bigger room will be hers when she grows, we just decided to avoid the hassle in a few years. Plus, here she will have plenty of space to play.

All the furniture (except the rocking chair) is white, so the place looks like a hospital room. The idea is to put loads (or at least a few) colourful photo frames and pictures on the wall. I also got some wall stickers of the same animals of the wall border – I still don’t know what to do with them, but it will probably go on the wall, wardrobe (when we get one) and drawers).

The rocking chair is in the living room at the moment, because of my mum, who likes to sit there when she is with Laura. But from the 18th it will sit next to the cot (above, the space on the right of the cot). I thought about putting a small round table and a lamp as well, but I might keep the lamp not so close to the cot and chair to avoid a lot of light in the night feed.

There’s still a whole empty wall opposite the cot that will get a wardrobe. I’m thinking about a 4 door (for now, but there’s space for 6 doors) one, because I want to use the space to store bed linen, towels, etc. The house is big but very badly planned in terms of storage.

I’ve order a mobile for the cot and I’m also looking for some toys and cot bumpers to decorate her bed. I read that bumpers are not recommended to babies under 1 year but I’m not sure about putting her to sleep in this cot with these bars either – so I’ll check my options.

She is still sleeping in the moses basket in our bedroom and will carry on sleeping for a while. Again, the recommendation is that the baby stays in the parents’ bedroom until 6 months old, but I might try to get her used to her own bed and bedroom earlier.

We are slowly introducing her to her little world. She slept a couple of times there during the day while I was doing stuff in the other rooms.

Ok, that’s it for now – I’ll post more photos once I have mor progress in the room.


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