2kg and counting


Since my mum arrived, I managed to have 3 main meals and at least a couple of snacks during the day, every day. Sometimes we have lunch quite late, like 3-4pm, but it’s because we also have breakfast quite late. I’ve also managed to bake cakes and try a couple of deserts recipes. Conclusion: 2 extra kilos so far. And I still haven’t lost all the kilos I put on during pregnancy.

I’m not panicking yet because mum is leaving on the 17th and I’ll probably go back to my old 2-quick-meals-and-that’s-all routine. Sad, sad. But at least I’ll loose some weight – I guess.


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  1. You will probably be hungry once you go back to 2 meals a day, but they do say the best thing is to eat small a lot of times during the day. Maybe just take easy on the cakes 😉 xx

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