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It’s almost August


Time is flying. It doesn’t feel that much for me because I’m at home and things are moving in a slower pace than what I’m used to. But it’s nearly August and 5 more months we are in the new year.

In August my in-laws (mom, dad, sis and sis’ hubbie) will come for a 10 day visit. I have a couple of weeks to organize the mess a little bit so they can be comfortable in the house, and not bumping into boxes and parts of unbuilt wardrobes. I’m pretty sure we can finish the wardrobes this weekend, as it looks like it will be a quiet one, and get rid of the boxes next week. Then it’s just trying to hide the existing mess. We need to impress his mom, who worked really hard when we moved, and show her that there were some improvements since she left. Hopefully the garden, the new sofa and the baby’s room will do the trick. Nevermind the top floor room.

Laura will also be baptized while they are here. I don’t have the details yet, but will post the pictures of the event here.

Also in August she will have her first appointment with a pediatrician. A bit weird that she will be almost 3 months old when a pediatrician will see her for the first time. It makes you wonder what this is all about. She will also have her second renal scan to check if the liquid in her kidneys is gone for good. After that, the 2nd set of vaccinations and we are off to September.


TGI Friday!


Not sure if I should put this in writing but anyway here it is: Baby Laura has been the best baby in the world for the last 2 days (hopefully 3, including today). She hasn’t cried much, slept a lot, played on her own, smiled loads, slept on her own (uhuuu), leaving mommy missing having her in her arms. It’s either my baby growing or the effect of the vaccines on Tuesday. Let’s hope it’s the first option.

Spending 24 hours with a baby can be nerve wracking, but it also gives us the opportunity to see things that no one will. Like baby L saying “LAAAAAUUUUU” after mommy repeating 20 million times LAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUra” to her. She just did that a couple of times, but it was priceless. She is a chatty chat girl, loves to talk, but there are times in the day for that – and mommy is always around to witness those moments. It’s wonderful to be around while she develops and learn new things, but that means that I will also have to around when she has her little monster attacks.

Yesterday we went to the first moms group again – we missed last week’s one – and it wasn’t too bad. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t think that I’ll find new friends there, but it’s nice to go out for a change. This session was about child care and what options the UK mothers have if they have to go back to work. I still don’t know what I want to do, but at the moment I’m really not looking forward to going back to work. We were only 5 of the 7 (?) mothers, and I managed to listen more to them this time – I can’t focus when there’s too many people. I like listening. I also had a nice chat with the midwife. You know when you’re not 100% convinced by what people tell you, but you want to listen anyway and you almost feel good about what they tell you? This is how I feel with midwives here. Baby L is weighting almost 5kg (she was 4.860kg on Tuesday and 4.940kg on Thursday) which is good, no idea of her height as they won’t measure her until she is 3 months+ (they say that apparently it can cause more damage than good if you try to measure tiny babies – maybe that’s why all Brazilian kids a bit wacko? haha I guess it’s just too much trouble), and Baby L is the youngest of the group – she is nearly 10 weeks old vs 17-18 weeks old kids. That’s why she is ‘tiny’ compared to everyone. Ok, she is a small (average small, if you know what I mean) and at least not tiny and underdeveloped. 7 weeks is a lot in a baby’s life.

And we now have her passport photo. By mid August she will have her British passport, lucky girl. And we can get ready for our (her) first big trip! Uhuu!

And it’s cloudy today


Just after my last post yesterday, I found a couple of dining tables on Bo Concept website. Friend Lillywhites (*) mentioned this store because she is also decorating her new home, sweet home and she always come up with some nice suggestions of where to find stuff. Sometimes they are not even suggestions, she is just mentioning what/where she is buying and if I have time, I go and have a look if there’s anything that would inspire me.

I meant to post these photos yesterday, just as a “oh, and here are some few modern furniture I like”. As you can see, I didn’t have time and this morning I had a huge email from Eriquinha with some tips and ideas for the new look of our living/dining room, based on my last post from yesterday.

I liked the ideas so much, that I might stick to my original black-and-white-and-wood idea. Of course, until I buy stuff, nothing is 100% set in stone, but at least now I have a much clearer idea of what will work in the new house and I know that I am not completly crazy (just in case hubbie argues against it).

I decided to post these photos anyway, as I liked the look of the rooms. Now how’s that for B/W? I like it but it’s a bit steril for my taste. Missing some bright colours there. Anyway, I like the table, not sure about black table and black chairs, at least for my house.

I liked this idea because our table will also be next to the doors to the garden – and one of Eriquinha’s suggestion was to place a carpet in both rooms. Here I can have an idea of how it would look like and I like it. I would choose these table and chairs because of the metal feet. Doesn’t go with the style.

It looks the same table from photo 1, with different chairs, but I guess I’m a bit blind when it comes to subtle details. Although my house has absolutely nothing to do with this one, I have an idea of how it would be with a Black-and-White-plus-another-colour approach.

For those who don’t know, Eriquinha is an arquitect, so she knows her thing. I really like to look at pictures of her house(s) and see how she manages to be so creative with different spaces (big, small, weird shaped), conditions (rented house that won’t allow you to paint the wall, rented houses that allow you to pain the walls) and budgets. The other great thing about her suggestions is that she didn’t go against my original plan of black-white-wood, she added tips and ideas on top of that. You know how some “specialists” can just say “red? nooooooooo, you have to go with bright yellow because this is the fashion this month”. I guess the true architect and designer can see through you and adapt your style into amazing looks.

I won’t share all her suggestions here for now, but I will post before-and-after looks of the living/dining room and will point out all her ideas. 🙂 Thanks, Eriquinha, pitacos are more than welcome, always!

P.S.: (*) I call her Lillywhites – on the blog only – since the old blog, because I was training to call all my friends via nicknames only I would know. It didn’t work, but I like calling her Lillywhites – because we used to go a lot to Lillywhites when we went to the gym together, and for another reason that will remain unsaid. hehe

And she confesses: no, I’m not modern


A couple of friends said that my “black-and-white” decoration idea was very modern. I’m far from modern. And I’m not proud of it. But to clarify, here is what I was thinking of doing with the living room:

Our floor is very similar to this one (maybe lighter?), so I thought black sofa, (maybe, still not sure) black dining table and/or chairs, everything else in wood, but lighter than this. On our white walls, black and white frames, pictures, etc, with some red details (still thinking, still thinking).

But then I saw this dining table and I loved it. Instead of red chairs, I would prefer black and white. And would put a black and white cushion on the bench. Actually the dining table is pretty plain – I liked the chair-bench combination.

Of course these are only ideas, we don’t even know when we will give the next step (dining table) and what we will do with the other stuff we have.

… and the sun is gone


I remembered what I was going to say before. Things I’ve learned recently about babies in general and about Laura specifically.

* Babies loose heat through their heads. If it’s cold, a hat will protect more the baby than socks or gloves. If it’s hot, the hat is a no-no. And no hats in cars or warm environments (this is particularly important in places like the UK that you go out is freezing, but there’s heating everywhere).

* Midwives like to induce birth after 40-42 weeks because 1) the longer the baby is in, the harder his/her head will be and more difficult a natural birth is and 2) the placenta stops working and the baby won’t get what he/she needs from it. I was feeling a bit guilty for thinking of inducing the birth, but now I don’t feel that bad anymore.

* For those who weren’t sure who Laura looks like, the doc said she will be tanned like mum and will also have her brown eyes. 🙂 She has daddy’s feet though.

* The doc also said to try to play music with percussion for her – “she might like some of your music, like salsa…” Aham. Laura will like salsa? Over my dead body. My music? Right, right, Latin America is all the same thing. I don’t get annoyed anymore, because I would probably do the same and classify all the African music as “African music” and the same for Asian music – I wouldn’t even know the difference between rythms. I just wouldn’t say to a Nigerian “Ooooh, I love your type of music”, when I know nothing or very little about it.

* Her poo is green instead of yellow. Ok, you probably don’t want to read about that, so I’ll excuse you if you close the window now. But to whom it may concern, breastfed babies should have yellow poo and the green one means something like she is not getting enough of the fatty milk I should be producing. In theory this should be normalized soon. In practice, mommy is getting worried.

* GPs (General Practioners), midwives and health visitors are different things, but I still don’t know who does what. According to Hala, GP stands for “Give Paracetamol”. Loads of people will agree, including moi. I had loads to ask the GP yesterday, but didn’t have the opportunity to ask anything, especially after a couple of my questions were answered with “this is normal, but if you are concerned, ask your health visitor”. Ok then. Still don’t know when I should visit who.

* I think she forgot she was pissed off at me and we are now friends again. She even slept a couple of times in my arms. Gave me loads of smiles. She is very smiley.

Aha – the sun! Beautiful!


I forgot what I was going to write about. Got distracted with the thought of “yey, as soon as baby wakes up, we’re going out!” And now it’s gone. Probably it wasn’t something really important.

Tasks of the day: call cleaning company, call all day nurseries in the area to check their waiting list, buy screws (for the stupid storage system I bought from Ikea that needs to be fixed to the wall, but didn’t come with the screws for that. Like I have a collection of screws, all sizes and types, at home), buy batteries (these modern toys for kids are a pain – I need to stock all sort of batteries now), prepare the shopping list for groceries (running on empty again!), make cheese bread (or at least find where I put the recipe), print photos for the parents.

Shoot, I’m licking leaking – need to wake up the baby.

Oh, look: the sun is shining!


So, we got the sofa. To be delivered by 4th of August. We got the wardrobes. Delivered already, but putting it up is proving to be a pain. We got the shelves for the tiny bedroom. Same as the wardrobes.

Ikea is a fantastic place. Some sort of Chocolate Factory of Home furniture and accessories. Cheap and cheerful. Some times not so cheap, some times not so cheerful. One of the things I could do without is the “DIY – Do it yourself” element. Some things are easy to do it yourself. Others… like this 2.36m high wardrobe I bought for the Baby’s room. As hubbie says, I went for the limit. An extra centimetre and the thing would scratch the bedroom ceiling – not to mention that each package with the pieces weights 55kg. Good, huh?

Even better is the fact that I found out a little too late that they have an assembly support – a thrid party company that can arrange your furniture to be assembled while you have a coffee, do the dishes or just stay with the baby. I’m not sure how it works because I read the sign very quickly on Saturday, but the service is there. Depending on the price, it’s worth paying it. Yesterday we only managed to put part of one wardrobe up – we still need to fix the back and put the doors. And there’s another one waiting for us in the box.