Revolutionary Road


revolutionary-road-movie-poster Last week, between WC games, we managed to see Revolutionary Road, with Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio. I like both, like Sam Mendes’ films, so why not?

It’s a good film, but too sad for my actual mood. I guess I get into these plot very easily now – always see myself in them, always think “that could have happened to me if…”, or will it be like that in X year time?

I also think about everybody in this situation – because the story in is this film is perfectly real and more common that we can imagine, even today – and how sad their lives are and how simple it can be to change a little bit of our own destiny, if only we learn to listen to the other and maybe give up some things.

When I first heard about the film I thought it was one of those war/revolution films with a bit of romance in the middle. But it’s not a political plot (thank goodness), it’s not about wars or revolutions. It’s just a simple story of people trying to be happy. Bitterweet, just like life.


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  1. Sounds my kinda of movie šŸ˜‰ I already have it but I want to read the book (also have it) before watching the movie. It always feel like the movie cuts out important stuff from the book! =D xx

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