Non-baby related stuff


* My Gmail account is finally back. Someone “stole” my email and send spam to ALL the emails I’ve ever sent emails to or received emails from. Annoying, but at least this is sorted out.

* Virgin Media came over one day earlier and also sorted out the problem with our landline.

* We returned the keys of the old flat today. No more pending issues of the past, she hopes. 🙂

* Watching (almost) all matches of the World Cup. Not really into it yet – I guess the most exciting games are yet to come. What was that match between Germany and Australia? Was the Australian team thinking that it was a rugby match??

* Mum arriving on Friday – I have a mental list of all the things I want her to help me with. I’m not going to put it in writing to avoid the pressure in case plans go wrong. I’ll keep track of the progress instead.


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  1. The next round will be way better, they will be used to the ball and need the results 😉

    Congrats on leaving the stressy past behind, hope I can get there soon as well o/

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