Sleep anyone?


I thought that newborn babies spent most of their time sleeping. Baby Laura is a pain when it comes to sleeping. She eats like a little monster, pees and poo like a normal baby, but she doesn’t like to sleep that much. I can see she is very sleepy but she will fight against it with all her strength. Her bouncy chair calms her down for… 5 minutes. Bouncy chair + music = 20 minutes of quietness. Now she is all agitated and crying again and wanting to eat more, after eating for 2 hours! Geez, she could at least sleep 1 hour in between feeds!

Oh, and last night she didn’t sleep thst well – woke up at 2am and “ate” until morning, with tiny naps in between. She slept for 2 hours+ just before her bedtime so she didn’t eat as much as she is used to in the evening.

Oh well, I guess you can’t aways win, huh?


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  1. Awnn, I suppose now she is aware of the fact she needs food coming from somewhere and that’s why she be a bit impatient… You know, my nephew is the same and mu mum says is a constant fight to put him to sleep when the nap time comes, my sis always said he was the same as well!… I hope Baby Laura finds the routine soon and that last night was an one-off and she soon be back to sleeping all night again 😉 xx

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