I forgot to publish this post…


The original title was: It looks like Sunday and it was written on the 1st of June.

The weather is awful, cold, cloudy, rainy. So we will stay in. Granny is trying to shoosh Baby C (easiest way to shoosh her is giving her a boob, I tell you), daddy is painting the tiny room – the one that was supposed to be Baby C’s and now will be the “office” – and mummy is suffering with Baby C’s screams, watching a tennis match (they have children working as ball catchers and towel givers – is this legal?) and updating her blog, replying to emails, ticking things from our House To Do list.

I went out a few times without the baby, to the supermarket, to have diner with friends and to go shopping for garden items – just once I felt really bad to be away from the baby and it was because we were out for too long. My heart was broken when I got home, but we bought a nice garden set (photo below), so Baby C will forgive me when we enjoy a lovely sunny weekend having breakfast outdoors.

garden set

Tomorrow we will go out again, all of us. Baby C has an appointment at the hospital and then we will look for a baby sling – we didn’t have the chance to buy one before and I want to have a look at the options. This is one of the urgent things we want to get. The other is a rocking chair to breast feed her. My back won’t survive long without a decent nursing chair.

Since this is an old post, here is a quick update: as I said previously, the scan went fine. The weather has been great since Wednesday and it looks like it will be like that at least until Friday. Granny is working like a crazy woman, despite us begging for her to take a break – she washed all the windows today! I hated the sling experience – baby’s head was wobbling inside that thing so I’ll need to do some more research on this topic. Rocking chair? What rocking chair? Lima-Miclaus couple is struggling to set our priorities right, so you tell us, dear reader: home theatre or rocking chair/cot/changing table? Should we have a better sound system to watch football matches or give mummy better conditions to breast feed and change baby nappies? Huh, huh, huh? Of course the same couple is having multi-tasking issues as it is totally possible to get both simultaneously, right? 😛 Oh, and if you are planning a visit to try our new garden set, you need to wait 10 days – we had to order it and it will take a while to arrive.


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  1. Even if you get the chair second-hand do you need to choose between it and the sound system? But maybe you should tell Papi C to try and breastfeed one day, I am sure it will make him change his mind pretty quickly! ;D

    Mr. J and I are planning to go on the 12th to see you guys, is that enough to get teh garden set ready? =D But we will go even if we have to sit on the floor (if its ok with you…)

    Wow, and you managed to go and have dinner! Good for you 😉 Was it somewhere close to you guys?

    luv xxx

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