and from next week…


I’m all alone with Baby C. I have to say that it is scary. Having granny and daddy around kinda made my life easy – I managed to take a nap now and then, have showers and wash my hair, eat, cook, do the laundry, organise a little bit part of our mess (mostly was done by granny though), update blog, send emails, download/upload photos, go out, sort boring house/move things, etc.

When I’m on my own with the little one, 80% of the time I’m her personal cow and it’s quite hard to do stuff holding her in my arms. Although she is a lovely baby, I don’t think she sleeps that much during the day. Not complaining because since day 3 or 4 she’s been sleeping the whole night long, which means that mum and dad can sleep too. I hope she will continue like that, or improve!

Still, can’t help being scared and worried about next Monday.


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  1. Awnn, querendo uma ajudinha, me avisa, sempre posso empacotar minhas coisas do trabalho e ir passar o dia com você, pelo menos pra te dar a chance de lavar o cabelo! =D Eu achei que Mr. C ia coneguir trabalhar de casa um pouco, num rola?? Beijos!!

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