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P.S.: Did you notice that baby Laura is getting bald?




I realised that we don’t have a vase for flowers in the house. Sad, huh?

Birthday was fine – it seems like ages now. Got flowers, chocolate, some nice presents – including a lovely photoframe, and a rocking chair!


The irony of the rocking chair: Baby Laura doesn’t like it too much. She prefers to bounce as opposed to rock – so the gym ball is still the best option to keep her quiet (and our back in pain). And the chair doesn’t match with any other furniture in the whole house!

P.S.: Baby Laura already threw up on the chair.

What should I do first?


My to do list is huge, but since I don’t have much time to do stuff, I sort of forget about it. There are a couple of things that annoy me deeply, so need to action asap. So off we went to Ikea to research some furniture. We manage to choose two chest of drawers and one wardrobe. Note that I said choose, not buy. The drawers will hopefully be bought tomorrow. The wardrobe… well, this is not as simple as we hoped.

So if everything goes according to the plan, on Monday I’ll be busy organising drawers and planning the next steps.

This is our strategy: baby steps to organise the house. We buy one or two items, check what space we have left and what else we need to organise and then choose another piece of furniture.

This probably means that by 2012 we will be able to post photos of the house completely done. 🙂

Tough times!


I won’t be able to post here that often – mum has been of great help, but I have now to give attention to three people, not two. Still trying to get things organised here – without success – and until then, I’m “off”.

I have loads to write though – hopefully I’ll remember everything once things settle down.

I love technology


I said a few times, but it’s always worth repenting it: I’m not a consumist person – especially for a woman. Maybe I’m more conscientious about the value of money and not wasting it with unnecessary items than consumerism, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is although not really into spending loads of money with unnecessary things (meaning buying the super duper new TV equipment to watch football once in a lifetime), I’m impressed easily with technology. Ok, nothing new here, but we bought this new TV (it was something that I wanted really, but just because I wanted a flat TV as opposed to the huge bulky one we had) and we can now connect our laptops to it and watch stuff (say, films) on the big screen. It’s silly because this is something that TVs do for ages now, but when you have an old TV for 5 years, you kinda forget what the new gadgets are capable of. Like my old laptop, that I have since September 2005 (and at the time, it was a simple one, not the latest model). Small screen, no camera, nothing. Mr. C has a nicer one and I hate my laptop now.

There’s still a lot to learn about this TV, but I’m loving it – mind you, it stays off most of the time when I’m at home. I don’t seem to find anything that really attracks me on TV or I just can’t be bothered to spend my time with TV shows (unlike blogs).

And since we are talking about spending/buying, here is the list of things I have in mind for the future (I’m still trying to convince myself that they are necessary and only after that I can try to convince Mr. C – it takes two to tango):

* A bigger car – not necessarily a new one, but one that we can fit the pram in as well as the two of us and the baby and the car seat.

* A Mac Book – it’s cool

* A nice set of sofa, a new mattress, two chest o drawers, store units, a barbecue set, those outdoors heating things, two fireplaces for the living room, shower enclosures for both bathrooms, a set of cooking pan, a couple of fitted wardrobes.

* A hammock

It’s not much, is it? 😉

Revolutionary Road


revolutionary-road-movie-poster Last week, between WC games, we managed to see Revolutionary Road, with Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio. I like both, like Sam Mendes’ films, so why not?

It’s a good film, but too sad for my actual mood. I guess I get into these plot very easily now – always see myself in them, always think “that could have happened to me if…”, or will it be like that in X year time?

I also think about everybody in this situation – because the story in is this film is perfectly real and more common that we can imagine, even today – and how sad their lives are and how simple it can be to change a little bit of our own destiny, if only we learn to listen to the other and maybe give up some things.

When I first heard about the film I thought it was one of those war/revolution films with a bit of romance in the middle. But it’s not a political plot (thank goodness), it’s not about wars or revolutions. It’s just a simple story of people trying to be happy. Bitterweet, just like life.