Baby C is almost 10 days old


I’m home alone with her and she is taking her post-feeding nap. Whenever we are on our own, she is eating. She can eat for 2 hours in a row, with 5 minutes nap intervals from time to time. She sleeps more with granny because she doesn’t feel the smell of milk. I’m her personal cow, you see. I read that babies can differentiate their mother’s milk to the competition. So it’s comforting that I am her favourite cow.

Babies at that age don’t do much – they are cute nonetheless. And especially if it’s YOUR baby, even the most boring thing can be cute. I can stare at her for hours and every time she smiles while sleeping, it makes me smile too. I know it’s reflex, but who cares? She has such a big sweet smile.

I’m trying to learn to multitask while breast feeding. I’ve started with blogging, but I want to go with more productive things, i.e., do the laundry, organize her clothes… although she sleeps non-stop throughout the night, the same doesn’t happen during the day. Some people might say I should just relax and be a mother, but for me it’s quite hard to focus on just one thing at a time. I need to do at least 2 or 3 not to feel I’m wasting time.

Baby C woke up, ate, had her nappy changed, ate again, and now she’s back to sleep. Let me finish this post and try to write a shopping list before she wakes up again. Ops, too late.


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