Baby’s C life – who’s counting anyway


Life’s busy and good. Our little one has been nice to us and has been sleeping at night. When I say sleeping, I mean it. She goes to bed at 10pm and only wakes up at 6/7am. Or at least she tries. Mummy gets worried that her little girl might be uncomfortable or hungry so I get her a couple of times for a quick meal. I have to confess that I also miss her and want to spend some time just cuddling and holding her in my arms. So at around 3am and 6am, when she is half awake (*), I get her and feed her a bit. She is hungry and eat and then easily go back to sleep, so until now, all good.

(*) She moves a lot during the whole night – sometimes opens her eyes and “talks” to her imaginary friends, looks around, and goes back to sleep. She also dreams a lot and cries or funny noises, but doesn’t wake up. I spend a lot of the evening just listening to her.


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