So this is how it starts…


3.20am. I don’t want to wake up hubbie, he has to work tomorrow and he was already quite tired today. But I have to write this down, even for my own future reference.

Around 1.20am I had (noticed) what (I guess) they call (here?) a show. And with that a different kind of pain – more period-pain-like that won’t let me sleep. I’m sure it will get worse than that, but this particular pain is really annoying because it reminds me of my first years’ of period, when I would be in bed for a couple of days without even being able to walk because of the pain. It gives me the creeps to think I’ll have to go through this again; but at least we are talking hours (fingers crossed) not 2-3 days every month for a few years. I’m also having more of the back pains.

I’m not sure if I should time these pains. They get better when I walk, so I guess they are not the actual contractions. I still have a long way to go, but at least now I know that I’m going somewhere soon. My appointment tomorrow is at 10h15 am, so I guess I’ll be able to wait until then, instead of rushing off to the hospital in the middle of the night.

On a cute note: it’s quite nice to still be able to feel the baby moving even with all these new things going on. It feels almost like she is “saying”: yes, I’m coming soon, don’t panic, mommy!


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