Dialogue with my mom on the phone last Tuesday:

– Tininha (this is how my mom calls me), are you ok???

– Awwwm, yes… (a bit sleepy, because I was taking a nap)

– Sweetheart, where’s Laura??!?! You didn’t call me, I’m waiting by the phone and the computer for some news since Sunday.

– (…) She is still inside, mom. I told you that we will call you as soon as we rush to the hospital.

– Yes, I know, but the due date was Sunday. Where’s she??

– I don’t think this is how things work with natural births, mom. Due date is estimate, babies can come at any time really.

– Awn, I can’t wait to hear the news. I’ve been dreaming of my grandchild. Are you ok? Are you in pain? Is Mr. C ok? Is he anxious

– We are all good, apart from anxiety, all going well. I have an appointment on Friday, so if she doesn’t come before that, I’ll let you know how it goes.

(voices in the background)

– Who’s there, mom?

– I’m at school. The teachers are here with me, we were all hoping for some news.

– …!!

– No baby news yet, people.

– But you will have soon. She can’t stay here forever. She is lazy like her mom, what can we do?

– Ok, so don’t get scared, don’t get stressed. Call mommy when you know anything. Kiss.

Poor mom, bless her, last time she had a child was more than 30 years ago (and that’s me, by the way) and it was a C section, so she can’t deal with this “up to 44 weeks” deadline. I don’t blame her – I can’t deal with it either, but I just have to.


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