Just being myself


Today I haven’t done anything useful. Just didn’t want to, feeling tired, lazy, want to rest. I guess it’s my body and mind knowing that my days of laziness are over. It feels like I’ll become a whole new person.

I listened to quite a lot of music. All sort of. Good and bad.

I read some random blogs of people I don’t know. I came across this one: Brincando de casinha that I found in Lelei’s blogroll. It’s in Portuguese, but there are some nice pictures. It’s about house decor. As you know (of course, I can’t stop repeating myself), we have a new home and I’m looking for inspiration. Mr. C We decided to keep the house neutral as possible because we don’t want to go through the trouble of painting walls, etc to keep a clean look and then play with the accessories. I have no idea how the house will look like but at the moment we are looking at black/dark furniture and colourful items (pictures, rugs, etc). On the other hand, we won’t have much time NOW to look at these things and we might have to start with our old stuff (beech/light coloured furnitures).

Roberto also sent me the link of an online application to create your own home design: Floor Planner, but boy, am I a looser with this arty-crafty stuff or what?!  I couldn’t save the JPG of what I’ve done so far (which is not much) to post it here. Not to mention that everything is our of proportion. But anyway, it’s a “toy” and I would like to share what I’ve done, so I need to get this thing sorted out.

Mr. C is home – we will eat something and head to the new house carrying some “stuff” (kitchen stuff and books and shoes and baby stuff – very random).


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  1. I have a collection of decoration magazines and I can send some to you for inspiration if you like! Just name it! I like it because it givesyou many ideeas for hand-made stuff or transforming old things into bran new ones.
    So, shall I make a selection and send it to you? 🙂

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