When to stress, when to let it go


I’m an easily annoyable (?) person. I get very stressed if my house is not clean and organised (more to the “clean” side than to the organised one), but I can’t find the energy to clean it to my standards. Even in Brazil, where having maids or cleaners are very common, I couldn’t get one that would make me 100% happy. There was always something – dust behind the bed, a paper on the floor for a week, poorly washed dishes, broken items.

Here in the UK, the standards are even lower. Basically people want somebody to clean the kitchen and the bathroom and pretend that the rest is all great. And once every two weeks is brilliant. But some people don’t maintain the house clean. So if on one hand I hate that cleaners don’t clean to my standards, I can’t really complain about them if I’m paying one for 3 hours once a week and outside this time I’m just adding more dirt to the house. As a comparison: I can spend at least 1 hour just cleaning the hob/oven after using it. I can easily spend 3 hours just cleaning the kitchen every other day and still not be 100% happy with it.

I’m trying not to get too stressed about cleaners here and just think that it’s as good as it gets. Either that, or I’ll have to do it myself. Maybe, during maternity leave, I’ll give it a go, just because I’m paranoid with babies vs dusty environments, but I’m sure this won’t last long.

P.S.: The reason why I started this post was because lately I’ve been meeting with the cleaner on Mondays and I don’t like the way she works. And honestly, I don’t think she is doing anything different from before, but before I used to get home tired from work and just wanting to see the house clean-ish. Now I want to see the house sparkling clean to the point I can eat food from the floor. Monica, from Friends, I know.


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