Get together


We are planning a house warming in summer. Ideally we would have several if there is a summer this year because:

1) it’s world cup year!

2) we will have a new house!

3) the new house has a garden!

4) we will have a new baby (that won’t allow us to go out so often)!

5) any excuse is an excuse to get together!

But… as we say in Brazil, the happiness of the poor doesn’t last long. So now, in order to have the whole gang together, we need to find THAT particular date that will work for everybody, and this, my dear reader, it’s going to be hard. Dear friend M8AL is going back to New York – huge loss for us but an amazing move for her and hubbie Zac. She is probably going sometime end of July. Then, Mari is going to Brazil for 6 (?) weeks, between July and August. And her hubbie Gui is going to South America in end of May until end of June? My mom will be in London from mid-June to mid-July. I have to find out if Mr. J – Lelei’s sweetheart – will be around in summer as he normally have gigs in the UK and in Europe. I also need to find out when Guta is moving to Cambridge with hubbie and baby Isabela, but I’m hoping it won’t be before end of July. Ana is coming from Germany with hubbie and baby Ben in June. 11th of June is a no-no date as everybody will be away. World Cup is sometime between the 12th June and 12th July, I think. My birthday is on a Monday, which is not really that exciting.

Ok, I’m tired already.


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