A bunch of photos!


I’m testing the memory card reader Mr. C rescued from the bin so why not update the blog with some recent (and maybe not so recent photos)?

Randomly: below is the view from my window this afternoon (6-ish). You can’t see it properly, but there’s a dark cloud above us, announcing some rain. Boo.


Below, mommy gives a break of brushing her teeth to show you how big her belly is at week 39. And how curved her back is as well. Ouch.


See? She is holding the toothbrush. She hopes I’ll see this photo and get inspired and brush my teeth twice a day (more than that I’ll probably be a ninja-kid)


Below are the presents and stuff being packed for the new house. The box on the right is full of educational toys that mommy got from work – I can’t wait to play with all of them!


Oh, and an “old” one: this is our wedding gift – a proper coffee machine! 🙂 Of course that since then, we never had visits over and couldn’t offer proper coffee to guests. But we had one each. The green bag is FULL of all sort of coffee. It went back to the box, ready to move to the new house.


Mommy can’t see her feet…


… and can barely see her face!


(p.s.: her belly button is replacing her nose)


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  1. Ateh que enfim, fotos da barriga!!! ADOREI!
    Agora, soh um comentariozinho… #$%^&*@!!! Nao vou te anganar, nao, mas minha barriga de 22 semanas estah assustadoramente maior que a sua de quase 40. Serio, to morrendo de medo de que baby Nick seja gigante, porque se o Vini que era medio entalou na saida, imagine um bebe gigante?!! Desespero!!!! Nao vou nem te dizer em quanto jah aumentou meu peso porque voce cairia pra tras… oh well…
    beijo proce! to daqui enviando positive vibrations! 😉

  2. caraaaaca que gigante q ta sua barriga!! vc ja ta com maior carinha de mae!!
    e a laurinha ta chegandoooooooo!! num vejo a hr de conhece-la!! to daqui da terra do bratwurst ( linguica) torcendo por vcs!

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