A little bit more than a week to go


I’m still not sure if I think she will be almost on time or if she will delay 1 or 2 weeks and it drives me nuts. I find it very interesting to feel the changes to my body, even if they hurt. I get to know muscles and parts of my body that I never paid attention before.

Today I went to the hospital again. Last scan of this pregnancy (I hope). As I said before, one of the midwives thought the baby wasn’t growing so she wanted to check her. To cut a long story short: that same midwife probably made a mistake when measuring my tummy (33cm), coz in the following visit my favourite midwife measured it again and the size was normal (38cm). It’s a big difference from one week to another. Anyhoo, scan done, baby Laura’s estimated weight is 3kg (6.6lbs), which is ok for a baby. Not a big baby (thankfully – as the lady at the hospital said “you don’t want give birth to an elephant”), but not tiny either.

I also got the results of my blood tests and they are good. Just the blood pressure is not great, but it is probably due to anxiety and nothing else – I can’t wait to meet baby Laura and although it’s just a few days wait, I can’t help but feel very anxious.


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