The problems of buying online…


1) you don’t see the product that you are buying

2) if you have to exchange it you have to either post it back or go to a store

3) you need to be at home to receive it and if you don’t want to pay a fortune on programmed delivery, you have to just be at home all day long (and sometimes they arrive on a different date).

=> Bought several things on Amazon, each one was supposed to arrive on a different date (!). Yesterday I wasn’t at home, so I missed one. According to the paper they left, they will try again today. The neighbours (bless them) collected two for us (that were supposed to arrive on Monday, 10). Still 4 items to come, including a brand new purchase from Mothercare website (and I found out that the estimate delivery date is between 7 and 11 May, but these haven’t been dispached yet).


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