The joys of buying online


I’m not a big fan of shopping, but like every other woman, I do have my moments of impulsive purchase when I’ll buy (unnecessary) stuff just for the sake of buying and feeling good about myself. But it’s not that common – I prefer to either to eat or to sleep in most of the cases.

When I’m in one of those (impulsive purchase) moments, I really enjoy going to a shop and browse almost every single aisle in search of something (useless) that will make me happier, even if momentarily. It can be anything, a book, clothes, equipment, furniture, toiletries, food…

Of course the newest category is baby stuff. I’m glad that normally I find baby stuff extremely expensive, so it works like a ‘natural’ barrier for my impulsive purchase. Unlike with items for my personal usage, I don’t mind buying baby stuff online. It’s not like I have to try everything or need to compare brands of every single item. So it’s so much easier to go wild online. And I just did. I wasn’t planning to buy anything today – I already did on the weekend. All I wanted was to compare prices of some few items I was planning to buy tomorrow. But one thing leads to another and you check one item here, the website suggests you another, then you find the clearance section, and ‘wow, this is really cheap’ and ‘I didn’t even know that this existed’, ‘hmmm, the reviews are quite good’, ‘gosh, I found it!’, and when you realise, your cart is full and geez, £65 on your credit card like that! And out of the 6 items I bought, only 2 were in my ‘to buy’ list.


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  1. qris, eu tb senti assim como vc e saia comprando compulsivamente, mesmo com o tipo de marido temos q tem algo em comum..poupar e nao gastar! rss acho q isso e um pouco de ansiedade, a espera do que esta por vir, falta do que fazer e achando online shopping como algo o q fazer..super normal! bom, concluimos somos normais ne?!aproveite essa fase mesmo e faca sim o que quiser!!
    rs daqui ha pouquinho vc estara bem busy! rs
    to daqui da alemanha torcendo por vc e doidinha pra conhecer a Laura!

    • Mas suas dicas foram otimas, porque assim eu evito comprar MUITA coisa. Claro que tem vezes que nao da pra evitar, mas muitas coisas sao totalmente desnecessarias.

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