Plans for next week


Now that I’m slightly paranoid that Baby C can come at any moment (Murphy’s law, now that I can chill out and relax at home and do nothing, I’ll stress out and try to sort my life in a week), I’m trying to make the most of my time.

I’ve just bought some bits and pieces on Amazon – bless the internet and online shopping – and have a list ready of the other ‘urgent’ missing items, which I’m hoping to get little by little next week. Monday is bank holiday and although shops will open, Mr. C is a bit jet-lagged and tired, so I guess we will just do nothing. I have some shopping being delivered on Tuesday, Wednesday I might go out for lunch with friends and then midwife and Friday is the scan. Loads of free time in between – I need to keep my feet up as much as I can and relax my knee as well (forgot to mention that I managed to damage my right knee and all I can do is take it easy).

If Baby C does come on her due date – or after – I’m planning to do nothing the following week, just wait. And sleep, sleep A LOT!

Enough of blogging – I need to take Mr. C to bed so he recovers from his jet-lag. He is just like a kid, fighting against sleepiness.


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