First day at home, with hubbie back home


Ok, it’s Saturday, so it doesn’t make much of a difference to be at home. And it’s a bank holiday in the UK, so no work on Monday. Let’s see how Tuesday goes.

At the moment, I’m still not having a long night of sleep – wake up every hour of half hour to to go the loo or drink water (last night had over 1 liter in the middle of the night) and by 6am I was wide awake. Good think is that if I feel sleepy in the middle of the day – which happens a lot – I can go to bed. 🙂

Midwife on Friday was ok. I’m back on Wednesday to check blood pressure, as this is still higher than desireable and urine. Some new news: Baby C is engaged, meaning that her head has lowered to the pelvis. She has less room for movement, but I still can feel her knee and foot moving around. Since her “engagement” the size of my belly reduced 4cm (instead of growing another 1cm), so the midwife was slightly concerned and booked another scan to check the baby growth. Midwives here love saying that I’m petit, and it’s natural that I’ll have a petit baby – but they get very surprised when I say that I was born with 3.5kg, two weeks before the full term and after my mom going on a 2 months diet so I could loose some weight before birth (I would probably be 4.5kg minimum if she didn’t). Anyway, we’re not worried and I’m quite please to have another scan (next Friday, 38 weeks + 5 days) and see her once more.

I haven’t been completely into this nesting period thing. I can’t find the energy to finish washing her clothes (please tell me that this is an unnecessary paranoia of Brazilians) and I find everything really boring, although I’m anxious to have it done and out of the way. I keep thinking that now she is engaged she will come at any minute and I still don’t have a changing mat! It was a common agreement between Mr. C and I not to buy any furniture until we move to the new house, so we won’t have a cot, or drawers, or changing unit until we go. So it will live like we are camping for a while. Two weeks from the due date, I have to say I’m not really happy with this. It might be hormonal.

Oh, and despite buying and getting loads of things, it still feels like there’s a lot to arrange. I don’t have the hospital bag(s) ready. I have more questions than answers. All my coolness from the beginning is going away – the more I read about the baby’s first weeks, the less I know. In one chapter I don’t need more than 2 towels, in another I have to have plenty of towels as I will need them a lot. I have to wash the baby bottom with cooled boiled water but I can wash the whole baby with normal tap water. Is it because the bottom is more sensitive? How do indigeneous people take care of their babies if they don’t have access to have of the crap – I mean, fancy products – we have? I’m still trying to understand the difference between stretch suit, body suit and vest. I googled for some photos and they all come as the same thing, except that some of the stretch suits have long sleeve. *sigh* Anyway, according to the lists I’ve seen, I have everything for the baby in terms of clothes. I need some few stuff for me and I guess everything else will be as and when I need them. I have to say I wished this whole maternity thing was more instinctive and less planned.


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  1. nah…tap water all around is fine (except her mouth – here it’s done with gauze and boiled water)… fact there are studies that say that by keeping things extra clean we’re actually not helping the kiddo..lower immunity and all…just do what you do for your self…but use baby products…:))

    no worries if you don’t have a cot…Sofia still sleeps next to me, had 2 nights in her cot so far…and it’s very convenient for night feedings…

    Couple of towels is fine…you can always get more if you feel you need extra…

    almost there :)))

    • Thanks, Carmen! Being a first time mum in a foreign country is a bit annoying. You hear all sort of things and it’s so easy to go crazy… in the end I guess it’s more trusting our instincts, common sense and go for it. I can’t be bothered to iron baby clothes anymore, too boring and time consuming.

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