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A few thank yous



Thanks to Carmen, Ake, Andrei and Sofia for the lovely clothes all the way from Thailand. They are so pretty and I love the fact that they are girlie without being pink!

Thanks to Anca & Peter for all our presents, including the colourful baby clothes. Again, so happy that they are not pink!

Thanks to George & Ioana for the lovely card all the way from Oklahoma – I’m very impressed with the whole sentence in Portuguese! We will keep it to Baby Laura so she can read it herself. You both have been quite quiet on your blogs; hope all is well. I tried to read the posts about the hurricane/tornado in Oklahoma, mas my Romanian is so rubish. All good with you guys?

Thanks to Meytal & Zac and Roberto for the visit last Saturday and the help with the move. It was great having dinner with you guys and chatting about different things other than baby. 🙂


Baby C is almost 10 days old


I’m home alone with her and she is taking her post-feeding nap. Whenever we are on our own, she is eating. She can eat for 2 hours in a row, with 5 minutes nap intervals from time to time. She sleeps more with granny because she doesn’t feel the smell of milk. I’m her personal cow, you see. I read that babies can differentiate their mother’s milk to the competition. So it’s comforting that I am her favourite cow.

Babies at that age don’t do much – they are cute nonetheless. And especially if it’s YOUR baby, even the most boring thing can be cute. I can stare at her for hours and every time she smiles while sleeping, it makes me smile too. I know it’s reflex, but who cares? She has such a big sweet smile.

I’m trying to learn to multitask while breast feeding. I’ve started with blogging, but I want to go with more productive things, i.e., do the laundry, organize her clothes… although she sleeps non-stop throughout the night, the same doesn’t happen during the day. Some people might say I should just relax and be a mother, but for me it’s quite hard to focus on just one thing at a time. I need to do at least 2 or 3 not to feel I’m wasting time.

Baby C woke up, ate, had her nappy changed, ate again, and now she’s back to sleep. Let me finish this post and try to write a shopping list before she wakes up again. Ops, too late.



We underestimate the hard work moving houses can be and time wasn’t really on our side this time. We wanted to take advantage of Mr. C’s paternity leave (2 weeks) to move, but with the baby it’s quite hard to dedicate 100% of our time to the house.

The plan was to get rid of unwanted furniture of the previous flat – almost everything apart from our bed – and get new ones to have a matching house. Our old house was some sort of Frankenstein, with items of friends that moved and left things behind. But even getting rid of stuff can be time consuming. In the end, we brought everything, or almost everything, and we will replace them slowly. It’s not a priority and we want to get it right this time.

I’m (we, but Mr. C doesn’t care too much about these things) still not sure what to do with the spaces. I don’t like to crowd the house with furniture, firstly because I’m a disaster and I bump onto everything and secondly because I like open  and clear spaces. But I also don’t want a house that looks like a hospital.


This is how the “living room” is looking like now. I hate this sofa – it is a really cheap sofa bed that we bought as a desperate act to receive guests a couple of years ago. One is ours, the other we need to return to Mari before November. Our original idea was to have only one big sofa and leave the space between living and dining rooms opened. But now that we’ve seen two sofas, one dividing the spaces, we are not sure which one will look best. I’m also not sure about the colours anymore. We wanted to go with a dark colour, i.e. black, to contrast with the whiteness of the house and also to avoid having a dirty sofa, and the same would follow for the furniture. But having place our light coloured furniture, I think either would work. Or we could go with a black & white scheme, adding bits of colours here and there.


For the dining room, the idea is to get a wooden table, either black-ish or rustic wooden, with 6 to 8 chairs. We have space, so we can have a decent sized table.

IMG_3907Both rooms have these niches in the wall that the idea was to get bit bookshelves to fill in the gaps (there are four in total: one is being occupied by the TV, two by shelves and the other one I was thinking about getting some sort of chest drawer to store dining items – i.e. nice dishes, table cloth, etc). Again, colourwise I’m not sure what to do.


This is the heating with a “nice”  cover. It’s a bit of a wasted space, but we will probably use to put photos.

Baby’s C life – who’s counting anyway


Life’s busy and good. Our little one has been nice to us and has been sleeping at night. When I say sleeping, I mean it. She goes to bed at 10pm and only wakes up at 6/7am. Or at least she tries. Mummy gets worried that her little girl might be uncomfortable or hungry so I get her a couple of times for a quick meal. I have to confess that I also miss her and want to spend some time just cuddling and holding her in my arms. So at around 3am and 6am, when she is half awake (*), I get her and feed her a bit. She is hungry and eat and then easily go back to sleep, so until now, all good.

(*) She moves a lot during the whole night – sometimes opens her eyes and “talks” to her imaginary friends, looks around, and goes back to sleep. She also dreams a lot and cries or funny noises, but doesn’t wake up. I spend a lot of the evening just listening to her.



We’ve finally moved! 2 nights in the new house. Mixed feelings:

* Love the quiet neighbourhood, both during the day and night.

* No bright lights in the street at night, so our bedroom is really dark at night.

* Our previous flat was very warm, which means that we had to turn the heating on to sleep. This area is cooler than the previous one. Not fun.

* Big house. Who is going to clean it?

* Big house. It will be $costy$ to decorate it and also time consuming – and I guess we will be still trying to finish it in a year or so.

* We need to go upstairs to go to the loo.

Baby’s C life – Day 5


Day 5: 26 May, Wednesday

We received the visit of an angel: midwife Bene, who came to weight baby, take some blood samples and check how we were doing. After a couple of compliments to mummy here (“whatever magic you are doing to look that well, continue it”), she also helped with some tips and reassured that we were doing nothing wrong as 1st time parents: babies are like that. Things we’ve learned:

* Baby is peeing. We thought she wasn’t (kidneys problems) because we couldn’t see anything in her nappies, but she showed us a nappy with some pee.

* Babies have their favourite breast and ours prefers the left one. I was worried that there might be something wrong with the right one as she doesn’t like it that much. Conclusion: she now starts her breakfast with the right one as she is hungry and will feed from any one. It normally works, but Baby C is not always easy to fool.

* Skin to skin is great for the baby, keep doing it.

* Babies have different patterns of feeding. Some babies eat a lot in a short period of time, some eat the same amount but can take up to an hour per feed. And Baby C is part of the latter. Hurray, not.

* She is still finding her way through this new life – it will take a while until she gets used to us, to the world, to new patterns. So she cries, she changes, she  can’t sleep, she has weird feeding habits. But it will start changing (at least the feeding part) from next week, when the milk becomes stronger and will keep her satisfied for longer.

* If  we have ANY problems, ANY questions, we should suffer quietly: we can call the midwives community to ask for help and support. If needed they will send a helper to our house. They are there to help us and make the whole parenting experience more pleasant for us. I love her for that.

Next check up at the hospital on 5th June. Baby’s Xray on the 2nd June. GP appointment on the 17 June I guess. But it might change as we are moving to a different borough and here doctors and hospitals are per boroughs. I hate that because I’m now used to the midwives and treatment of our local hospital. Fingers crossed that the new hospital will have staff as nice as ours.

Baby’s C life – Day 4


Day 4: 25 May, Tuesday

Baby C had about 3 meals during the day, but as they say: be careful with what you wish for. I spent the whole night breast feeding and I had another sleepless night. And remember sweet and quiet Baby C? No more Miss Nice Baby, my friends. She wouldn’t stay in her bed. It was feed-sleep-put me in bed and I scream-sleep in mummy’s arms. Mummy was exhausted and scared of falling asleep with baby in her arms. :S Not fun – but I have to confess: she has just the cutest facial expressions when she is sleeping.