I’m still not sure if I’m in the nesting period or not. I was always annoyed by messy places and some time to time freaked out and cleaned everything. So far, it’s still the same, but I don’t clean as often as I did, but freak out more often then I did.

I’m paranoid with having guests in a messy place though, so on Friday and Saturday I tried to organise the mess as much as I could. I don’t think it can be seen as “nesting” because it was for a particular event and I wasn’t really wanting to do it – I had to though. I didn’t organise/clean as I would.

I have loads of ironing to do, which I hate, so I’m postponing it until Mr. C is back (not that he will do it, but as least we can chat while I’m ironing my stuff). I have to go through my stuff and get rid of things, but I’m lazy. I want to start packing for when we move, but I can’t be bothered now as we don’t know exactly when we are moving.

So, I guess the nesting “intention” is there, but the the actual thing hasn’t started yet. Friends Lillywhite and M8AL were here yesterday until 11pm helping me out with the baby’s stuff – listing what I have, sorting by sizes, planning what I still need to get. Lillywhites suggested washing – or at least start the process – the baby’s clothes now, as you never know when she will decide to come. I’m obedient, so I have already more than half of the clothes washed! 🙂


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  1. ai, chris, eu to aqui sentindo uma urgencia danada em comecar meu nesting, mas isso soh serah possivel apos a mudanca (e ainda nem sabemos pra onde vamos!). fico aflita!
    com relacao ao ironing, faca um favor pra voce mesma, compre um steamer! nossa vida eh outra depois da aquisicao do nosso: roupa social fica esticadinha num piscar de olhos! nem consigo me imaginar passando roupa a ferro!

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