One of those things


A while ago – about 10 days ago to precise – I had a weird bleeding. Very quick, nothing major, but also with an annoying pain (*). Since it didn’t last, we didn’t do much about it but I told the midwife, who told me off and said that in cases like this, I should go immediately to the hospital!

So today I decided to go to the hospital due to some weird feelings (most of the time I can’t even explain them, because their are so new and different that I don’t have anything to compare). I was suprisingly well assisted by midwives and doctor; they monitored the baby and me, examined, and even offered lunch (which I didn’t accept because I thought the lady took me as a permanent patient)! Ok, depressing that I had to stay there for 5-6 hours, 2-3 of which were just waiting. Depressing because I was in the labour ward and the labour ward is where the women give birth. I wasn’t ready to hear all the screams, to see all the women in (early) labour suffering, etc. These things exist, and will happen, but you know when you are not expecting it at that particular moment?

Ok, and here is when you slap me on the face. For a tiny little moment, I envied them. Not that I want to give birth now, or I’m tired of being pregnant, but I wanted to feel that feeling. I wanted to scream in pain, to push, to cry, to beg for epidural and to see the face of the beautiful little baby we are calling Laura. For 5 minutes. Then I focused on something else because the screams were too much for me.

27 days to go. It’s the longest pregnancy is history of pregnancies! Geez!


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