Ashes from Iceland


I’m a true believer of Mother Nature. And a big supporter as well. You don’t mess with Her and except nothing in return. She will give you everything: life, food, beauty, peace, but abuse her and there will be pay back if you abuser her.

This volcano incident in Iceland really impresses me. First, because coming from the Brazil, the major “nature disaster” I witnessed were summer storms. The are strong, they kill loads of people, but the demage is in areas where you know will be affected. We don’t have volcanos, hurricanes, tsunami, tornados, earthquakes. Lucky us. But then, people like me get easily and positively impressed by the power of Mother Nature. Yeah, I feel for those who want to go home but are stranded somewhere. Am I aloud to say that I’m glad nobody died and I can just appreciate the beauty of the event? Will I be condemned if I say that nevermid the flight delays and all money lost, all that I can see is how amazing I think these disasters are? Am I mean to be happy that Mr. C could fly and he is still here – although there’s a chance he might go on Thursday?


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