Yesterday’s post


This was meant to be posted yesterday but Baby C was very annoyed about having the laptop next to her (even if slightly) and she decided to kick me really badly and change position until I had to give up.

It was so bad that I thought she had changed position completely. Quite painful too.

Now that’s all good, back to normal, laptop not even close to my body, here are a couple of photos taken during the scan on Tuesday. The quality is pretty bad and you almost have to imagine a baby. The original is a tiny bit better, but not much. Still it’s possible to see her profile: big head, nose, mouth, ear and some baby fat under the chin.

Baby at 34 weeks

Baby at 34 weeks_2

I had a midwife appointment today – hence working from home – and she said that the baby is not small – she is normal size and my tummy is in very good shape. Thank goodness, because any bigger than that I was going to anticipate my holidays.

She continues healthy and happy, as healthy and happy a baby in the womb can be: her heartbeat is fast and she makes loads of movements every day. Next appointment will be in two week time and then the official countdown starts. Midwives are happy to deliver babies from week 37 onwards, but no later than 42 weeks. Hopefully, Baby C will be a good British and will come on time.


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