Growing up


I normally feel younger than I am. Not sure if I look younger, but I definitely feel I’m still in my mid-20s.

Funny enough, even though we are having a baby soon and buying a house (a 10-20 years commitment) and Mr. C goes to work wearing suit and tie, I still feel like we are two “kids” enjoying life.

I’m not in denial and I’m not one of those people that lie about their age – and I’m not scared of getting old. Ok, I might be a little. And although I’m not a vain person (at least not too much), I have one big horrible vain scare in my life: white hair. If there is something (vain) that depresses me is the thoughht I might be getting white hair soon. So far, genetic has been on my side and thanks to my dad’s family I haven’t had more than 3 white hair in my life – all removed by the way. My mom, on the other hand, had LOADS (full head I was told) when she was 25. At that age, it’s kinda cool I suppose. My big problem with white hair is actually my lack of vanity: I can’t bear the thought of having to dye my hair on a regular basis. I did that when I was a teenager and hated the routine.

What’s the purpose of this post? Lately, I’ve noticed that my hair looks lighter – at least some few bits – and it looks like it’s getting “blonde”. Since it doesn’t make sense, I’m guessing it’s turning grey. I found a white hair this morning (still there). I spent 15 looking at the mirror before going to work. I don’t normally look at myself at the mirror in the morning, unless when I’m brushing my teeth.

The purpose of this post is also to show you how I can’t complain about my life: the biggest problem I have at the moment is the possibility of going grey soon.


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  1. Respondendo ao seu comentario no meu blog: a EDD eh 29 de abril, ou seja, boca do gol mesmo! E vc? pelo visto esta tudo correndo bem, ne? Qual a data prevista?


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