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Last day in the office!!


Ok, I sound like a broken record, but I need to celebrate. Despite liking my work, I had enough of daily trips to the centre, fighting for space on trains and tube and in the streets with stressed workers and annoying tourists. Plus, we leave far, so it takes me at least an hour to come to and go from work, including three changes – 2 trains and 1 tube. You get use to it after a while, but when you have a growing belly, it’s the opposite – you get tired, not used to it.

So, I’m sooooooooo happy that from Saturday onwards I can just relax and put my feet up  and sleep during the day and organise the rest of the things for the baby, etc.

Tomorrow I have another midwife appointment. I can’t remember if I wrote about it here already – I can’t remember loads of things – butin last appointment, a week ago, my blood pressure was higher than expected. Nothing serious and probably due to being extremely busy at work, dealing with wedding, house, baby, events, etc, at the same time. I love being a busy bee, but I went a bit ahead of my limit. Anyway, thanks to that, my appointments are now weekly, as opposed to bi-weekly, as high blood pressure needs to be closely monitored (even though the midwife is not too concerned).

Why am I writing about this now? Because I’m going to get to work late (around 12-ish), I’m having lunch with my colleagues/friends at work, half of the company will be away in (community event), our department leaves around 4-ish on Fridays… It leaves what? 1 or 2 hours of work? And then – uhuuu – I’m off!

Gonna get a cab home to take all my presents with me. 😀


Baby Shower, 24 April 2010


Last Saturday I had some friends over for my baby shower. I found out that this is very popular in the US, and in Brazil, but not in the UK. I wonder why, because it’s such a fun event!

The photos below were stolen from Lillywhites – I still need to download the ones taken by Auntie M8AL using Mr. C’s camera. Just being lazy…


Auntie Mari brought this baloon to Baby C. Yes, she is a new little princess. 🙂


Auntie Lelei got this one. Hooray, it’s a girl!

SAM_0892Here is mommy still clean, with a couple of friends, Ruth (Aussie, also preggie) and Dri (Brazilian).


Mommy with a bit of eye shade, very discrete.


Mommy slowly getting a bit weird.


Ops, if Baby C saw this, she would cry. Or laugh depending on her sense of humour.


A little bit of make up for Baby C! Mommy’s 37 week tummy. Pretty decent, isn’t it?

It was such a fun afternoon, just for girls. Some friends couldn’t come and were missed. Lovely friends were there and gave Baby C and mommy the cutest gifts. Mommy wished she could have her friends closer and see them every week.

Mommy had leaving drinks with people from work today. Twice. One at the office, with speeches and gifts from her friends, and another at the pub, with colleagues from the other office as well.

Next: house warming – boys allowed! YEY!

It’s official: I need a new laptop


My laptop broke. Literally lost a piece of it, that was holding the battery. Now I can only work on it if the power cable is on but guess what? the power cable also is loose, so it comes off from time to time, meaning that now the computer just shuts itself down. Fun, huh?

Some may say I won’t have time for it once Baby Laura is here, but how am I supposed to keep you updated on baby’s news?

It’s official: Our House


I think we can now share it with the world – below are some pics of our new house. They were taken from the agency’s website, but I’ll post some pictures once we get the keys (14th may).


This is our house. It’s quite difficult (expensive and rare) to get a detached house in (greater) London; ours is semi-detached (just one of the sides attached to another house), which is already annoying, but better than a terraced house (inbetween two houses). The space at the front is parking space for two cars and belongs to our house. The space between our house and the right hand side neighbour is shared (I think) and it leads to the garden (I think). The entrance to our garage is in a back street.


This is the living/dining room (the window on the left in the 1st photo). The double doors open to the garden.


The kitchen is right next to the living room. It’s narrow, but still spacious, and has a breakfast table for quick meals. The door also opens to the garden.


The garden is divided in three parts. The first one is this cemented one. Nice for barbecue and tables, etc. The second is the grass part – nice for the kids to play around (just need to be extra careful when they are small as they can easily fall). The third one is at the back – I think it’s also cemented and you can also see the garage there. Garages in the UK (London?) are tiny and can barely fit our little Micra. No wonder why people prefer to park their cars in the street. It will probably be a place to put “stuff”.

And that’s all you can find on the first floor. We don’t have any photos of the bedrooms although there’s one of the family bathroom (I don’t think it’s a nice photo – hard to understand what’s what).

After a loooooooooong period of toing and froing between us, bank, solicitors and agency, we have finally exchanged contracts and the completion date was set for 14th May – two days before Baby Laura’s due. We are extremely excited even though it means more work and stress for us (in the short term).



I’m still not sure if I’m in the nesting period or not. I was always annoyed by messy places and some time to time freaked out and cleaned everything. So far, it’s still the same, but I don’t clean as often as I did, but freak out more often then I did.

I’m paranoid with having guests in a messy place though, so on Friday and Saturday I tried to organise the mess as much as I could. I don’t think it can be seen as “nesting” because it was for a particular event and I wasn’t really wanting to do it – I had to though. I didn’t organise/clean as I would.

I have loads of ironing to do, which I hate, so I’m postponing it until Mr. C is back (not that he will do it, but as least we can chat while I’m ironing my stuff). I have to go through my stuff and get rid of things, but I’m lazy. I want to start packing for when we move, but I can’t be bothered now as we don’t know exactly when we are moving.

So, I guess the nesting “intention” is there, but the the actual thing hasn’t started yet. Friends Lillywhite and M8AL were here yesterday until 11pm helping me out with the baby’s stuff – listing what I have, sorting by sizes, planning what I still need to get. Lillywhites suggested washing – or at least start the process – the baby’s clothes now, as you never know when she will decide to come. I’m obedient, so I have already more than half of the clothes washed! 🙂