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So, we are getting married. Don’t be upset if you weren’t invited, we are keeping very low profile. I have to say that our reasons to get married are also very boring and unromantic (we love each other, we are a lovely couple, we couldn’t be a better match, our babies will be gorgeous, we have so much in common and we are extermely happy together, but those are not the reason why we are getting married).

I haven’t checked the facts, but quite a few people have told me that in this country if you are not married, you have to have a will when you buy a house together with your partner, and a will when you are having a child, which I find very depressing; the father doesn’t have many rights on the kid if the couple split up, and so on. All very weird and very sad.

I’ve probably mentioned this before (maybe on the previous blog), but Brazilian culture is closer to the American culture than it is to the European one, so although there are loads of couples there still opting for the traditional wedding, it’s no big deal if you are not married or don’t want to get married at all. People will still call the couple husband and wife if they just live together, nobody will look at you weirdly if you are not married to the father of your child, etc. And, although it is theoretically a religious country (predominantly Catholic), we are a bunch of sinners there. On top of that I personally don’t come from a religious family.

On the other hand, it seems that here in Europe is quite common to go for a traditional wedding and, maybe more in Romania than in England, a proper church wedding is expected. As far as I couldn understand, in Romania the wedding is a very important cerimony and parents really look forward to have their children married in a proper fashion. Maybe it’s my impression as well, but I have the feeling that relationships here (in Europe) are less superficial (ok, not sure this is what I think about English relationships) than in Brazil and the divorce rate is waaaaaaaaaay below the Brazilian one, which is great.

In a way, I’m glad I wasn’t pressured by my parents to get married and Mr. C was a little “rebel” during younger age and didn’t go for it before, otherwise we would both be married to the wrong people and so unhappy for not being together now. 😀 (I wonder how many brownie points I scored here).

So, now that you know why we are getting married, let me tell you that although it’s all exciting, it has been a nightmare! We have two weeks to organise everything: give notice (interview, paperwork, etc), book the venue, get the rings (it’s option, but if we decided not to have rings, it would be the most boring wedding in history of weddings), get a dress (not getting married in white, but I can’t get married wearing jeans, right? Any cute dress that I can wear later on will do, but who said I can find one?), fill in more paperwork and arrange a place to have lunch afterwards (ok, a little celebration, please). None of our families will be around – understandably they prefer to be around for the baby’s “event”, so we will have to count of our little group of beloved friends to come along, be our witnesses and take some pictures to share with you.

By the way, it’s a civil marriage – no church or priest involved (let’s keep it simple for now) – and will last 20 minutes.

By the way 2, I’m not 100% happy that I won’t be able to call Mr. C my boyfriend anymore. Tsk. Can he be my boyfriend, partner and husband?

By the way 3, we are not changing our names but Baby C, on the other hand, will carry both our surnames.

Message for Mr. C: the best part of the wedding is the honey moon. Just thought you should know. 🙂


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  1. Yeap! Romanians love weddings…I personally think Romanian weddings are a lot of fun…Some of the best best parties I’ve been to were weddings in Romania.

    It’s hard to say CONGRATS in this context..maybe more like “I hope you’re happy with your choice!”:))

    • hehe I suggested having our wedding in Romania, but I think Cipri is even worse than I am and poor Anca would have to organise the whole thing for us. I love the idea of weddings in the Nature – either mountains or by the beach, in summer, bare foot, all simple but beautiful – but too lazy to even think about having one. Plus, it would be hard to pick up one place where all our families could attend.

      We are happy overall with all the trouble that we’ve put ourselves into (baby, house, wedding, new job, trips,…), but sometimes it’s hard to enjoy things properly. I’m actually enjoying the whole “I need a dress now” thing.

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