He abandoned me, so I’ll tell you everything!


Mr. C is gone for a few days. This new job of his will be an interesting challenge for both of us.

For him, because for the first time he will understand the concept of modern slavery that we Brazilians are so used to.

For me, because I’m not used to get home late and not have him here watching TV, eating some smelly food (sardines, soup or Frankfurters) and asking how my day was.

The concept of modern slavery is quite simple: you have a good salary, but in return you work like more than a slave, giving up your personal life, your weekends, your family, your friends and all the fun you used to have when you had a 9 to 5 job. Everybody needs to go through this at least once in life to enjoy a bit more freedom! I had my share back home, I still have a little bit here, but now I’m entering a whole new phase in my life: the “my child is my boss” phase.

Anyhoo. Since he is not here to keep me company, keep me busy and put be in bed, let’s blog. A couple of new news for you – or maybe not, because I can’t remember what I said here in the past and I’m too lazy to read my blog.

New news # 1: We went on the hospital tour and we sort of liked its labour ward. It’s not a 5 star hotel, it’s not Baby C’s dream birth place (her dream birth place is in a big, comfy, clean home beach somewhere really beautiful in Brazil), but we are not scared of having the baby there if needed. The birth centre I wanted to go to (in this hospital) might not be ready on time, home birth is a distant dream (I have 7 weeks to convince Mr. C and myself about it) and unless we move before Baby is born, I don’t see another alternative – unless the hospital is fully booked and they send me somewhere else, which can be worse.

New news # 2: We found our house, the one we will call home pretty soon. The not so great news is that it takes a while to have the deal done, i.e. contract signed, keys in hand. So it doesn’t look like we are moving before Baby C is born. This actually could be good news, because I’m not sure we would have time to look for another hospital, etc. Plus, I’m useless for packing now. I won’t post any pictures of the house now, because what if the deal doesn’t go through? We will all be depressed together.

New news # 3: It’s official: I don’t fit in any of my previous clothes.

New news #4: We’re getting married on the 10th April. I guess this will have to be a totally separate post.

New news #5: Baby C will be baptized (they call it Christening here, I believe). I’m not sure of the details yet, but all I know is that, due to religious differences, it will have to be in the Orthodox Church. I guess I need to chat with Auntie Anca to find out the differences between the Catholic and the Orthodox baptisms.


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  1. Well you’ll get used to the ideea of Cipri leaving or coming late at home (Peter had his first job like that) but you’ll be very happy when he’ll get over it as well (I did when Peter came back to a 9 to 5 job).
    About baptism: hm! I’ll tell you abut the Orthodox and Peter about the Catholic one.
    The difference in the manner of doing it is that:
    – Orthodox (in RO) when baptising the child submerge the little one completely into water;
    – Catholics only pour little water on the baby’s head.
    Anyway you can always negociate 🙂 especially with an Orthodox priest from UK.

    • Thanks, Anca – do you still have to pick one Godmother and one Godfather? I think here they might cover the baby completely – it’s too cold!! But we will check. I still remember when I was baptised – I was almost 12 years old!

  2. Yes you have to have A Godmother and a Godfather and their role it’s very important as they say. It’s an entire story about that, probably we will talk about it! The main role though is to take the baby from that “pagan” state to a Christian state and for that you need assistance and witnesses = godparents. In Ro Godparents have these obligations and support for the child, theoretically, for the rest of their lives.

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