A little bit of baby news anyone?


Last post of the day. I guess.

For first time parents, Mr. C and I are pretty relaxed. In the beginning we used to read books and week-by-week evolution, but now we got a bit tired. I’m happy just feeling the kicks, punches and stretches of my little one, trying to come up with stories why she moved like this or like that, etc, etc. Sometimes I do read one or other website to check on her estimate size and weight (by the end of this week, she will be around 43cm and about 2Kg) and other information, but that’s it.

She is sort of like that:

33 weeksShe is pretty much ready and would survive if born these days (which she won’t, touch wood). It’s amazing how much she moves – makes me wonder if she still has a lot of space in the womb. I have to say that this is my favourite part of the whole thing. Sometimes it hurts, but I don’t care. It’s hard to focus when she is moving though – I always stop what I’m doing to feel her, grab her foot, poke her, press something. I wonder if she likes it or if she is just thinking “mom, please, can you annoy me when I’m a teenager?”.

I had another midwife appointment last Friday and all seems normal. One thing that is annoying me is that so far I had 5 appointments with 4 different midwives. It would be good to stick to just one, but I guess this will be good on the birth as I might get a totally different person.

I also managed to get a  prescription for heart burns. Honestly, I’m fine with all the sickness, but heart burns are really a pain. Sometimes I can’t sleep at all. I bought the wrong flavour though – Gaviscon is the syrup’s brand, aniseed (Brazilians: anis/erva doce type of favour) is its flavour. It’s one of the things I hate the most in the world, just after onions. Geez, I have it but trying to hold not to throw up. But it works – next time I’ll get the peppermint one.

What’s new in this new phase? More leg cramps. Not on my calves, but on the legs. Oh, and swollen feet – just once though. I’ve also been quite hungry lately but still throw up if I eat too much. Oh, and bend to get stuff on the floor is a bit painfull and can also bring back lunch/dinner, so not recommended. I put on more weight than I expected – now on the +8kg mark; +1.5Kg just last weekend (blame the black beans I had for lunch on Saturday). I can feel her hickups – poor thing, it’s so annoying!

(Mr. C just called me. He said hello. He didn’t, but let’s pretend he did)

I think I’m a bit tired of writing; it should be enough for today. It has been a long long long day and I can’t wait to Friday. Baby C says nighty night to all aunties, uncles and cousins out there and to all strangers that read this blog. Sleep tight and talk to you later.


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    • I think you will be – it’s good to be anxious but not stressed. You will see that there’s no point in trying to control everything; it’s just impossible!

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