All good things have to come to an end


(the expression I have in mind is Portuguese version “all good things don’t last”)

Days off are over and we are back to real life tomorrow. I could use to two extra days, but I can’t complain. We had a nice time together, felt Baby C kicking and moving in different hours of the day (I normally have this privilege on my own, but it’s new news to Mr. C), met a couple of friends we haven’t seen in ages, went to the cinema, shopping, to the gym, did nothing, organised our little mess at home (not much though), made plans, ticked a couple of items in our to do list, etc. I wish we had one day off every week. It’s funny how we enjoy the week days off more than weekends. We need to change that.

It also helps that the weather is so much nicer than a month ago.


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