Don’t want to sound like a broken record


But another 6 weeks and I’m off! 😀 Not that I’m not missing work (To be fair, I’m not), but it’s just so good to do things at my own (new) pace.

Breathing is becoming harder by the day – we walked for two minutes this morning and I thought I was going to faint. It hurts.

Ops, Baby C is dancing – not sure how she can find the space to move so much. These are not kicks or punches, they are proper moves, from left to right, up and down. And when she decides on Yoga sessions, streching from head to toe, across my whole tummy, it kinda hurts more.

Heartburns are also the worst ever. I try to eat a little bit all the time,  but sometimes it just doesn’t work. The latest news is back pain. They’ve just started. I used to have them more often before gym, but I try to keep a correct posture and exercise my back muscles to keep them strong (I have all sorts of back problems you can image). It was working, but now it’s impossible to watch TV or a film, or just relax on the sofa. I need some few pillows supporting my lower back and relief the pain.

But I’m not complaining, I’m just registering the changes I’ve noticed as they might be useful in the future. It’s interesting to notice all these changes a “simple” event (pregnancy/creating a whole new life inside you) can cause to your body. Despite all annoying things, I think it’s amazing.


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  1. You may (most probably) actually miss those kicks … postparthum depression??? It’s crazy, but it happens…I remember sobbing looking at Andrei couple of days after birth…:))

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