More mood swings


One of the best things about being pregnant is getting rid of your period for more than 9 months! Unfortunately no period doesn’t mean no mood changes. After all, the hormones are messed up anyway.

I think I went through all mood swings I possibly can – except for, and I’m really glad for this – depression (if depression can be labelled as a mood swing). Burst of joy, sadness, hatred, indifference, tiredness, sillyness, lack of patience, etc.

I try as hard as I can to look on the bright side of life and just be indifferent to bad news – I keep saying to myself that bad news is only bad if it affects you negatively. If you just pretend it’s not there or that it is not as bad as it can be, it will just be “news”. Denial, I know, but also a desperate attempt to avoid heartburns, stomach pain and dispair.

As I mentioned before, we have a lot in our plate at the moment, which is good to help time to go by quicker. But it’s sad when you see most of them falling through in front of you – there’s nothing more frustrating than planning cool stuff and not accomplishing them because of silly reasons. In our case, one stupid bad move can mess up with our plans for 2010. Although I’m trying hard, I still can’t see the positive side of it.

But I don’t want you to think that it’s all doom and gloom. If there is one thing we can say is going really well with us is Baby C and this is what it matters. Everything else, as Mr. C would say, will be stories to tell our grandchildren.


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  1. I know, I know he is right, but all you need sometimes is a good old moan to vent it and breathe a bit, if you have a dream/ wish that is frustrated it has got to get outta your system somehow!

    • That’s true – it’s like putting a finger down your throat when you are feeling sick and then feeling much better afterwards.

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