The Taurus child


I had this in my draft folder since January and got inspired by a friend to post it. And if you do believe in Astrology, you will agree that we will be a very happy family. Here is our compatibility:

Cancer (Mom) goes with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo

Pisces (Dad) goes with Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus

Taurus (kiddo) goes with Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces

The Taurus child is very sweet and loving. While a baby, he/she loves to be caressed and embraced. He/She is the child who always wants to be with his/her parents and is very affectionate with everybody in the family. The child of this sign, boy or girl, will be healthy and strong. He/She pays much attention to food; he/she can eat almost everything and in large quantities. His/Her parents should start early to teach him/her good eating habits as he/she has a fixed nature and whatever he/she learns or gets used to, will be very difficult for him/her to change. He/She loves candies and chocolates and he/she tends to be overweight.

He/She is usually quiet and pleasant. He/She is emotionally stable, seldom gets depressed, and rarely displays aggressiveness or impulsiveness. He/She behaves properly even among strangers, but if he/she is the centre of attention, he/she freezes up. He/She is one of the most stubborn persons in the zodiac. It is very difficult to make him/her change his/her mind; to threaten him/her with any kind of punishment makes him/her even more stubborn. The Taurus child can become very shy or rigid as an adult if he/she is pushed constantly by his/her parents to do things he/she does not want to do. The best way to treat him/her is with love. A kiss, an embrace and a lovely smile can work best to make him/her less obstinate. Colours and sounds also affect his/her emotions. Vivid colours like red, orange, etc. disturb him/her, while soft colours like light rose and blue, make him/her feel better. The effect is similar with sounds. They are very sensitive even as a baby. He/She will do things only if they are reasonable to him/her. He/She needs to know only the truth, without many complex explanations. Parents must talk to him/her calmly and logically.

He/She has an instinctive affinity for music and the arts. It is a great idea to teach him/her to sing or play an instrument. He/She may love drawing, painting, or creating things in clay. He/She is very creative, and may be the best worker in his/her class at school. He/She is very obedient but his/her mind is usually slow. He/She needs time to do things. He/She has good memory and he/she does not forget what he/she has seen or was taught. He/She does not lose his/her toys, or personal belongings. He/She is a bit fearful; he/she does not like darkness, or ghost stories. He/She has a romantic imagination. If he/she grows up in a peaceful home, with love and without pressure on him/her, he/she will be strong, confident and very affectionate with his/her parents and family.

(P.S.: I’m not a believer, but just in case it’s true, I’m glad Baby C is a Taurus child)


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  1. HM! What a story…I don’t think my folks knew all these before I was born. At least the part with artistic affinity. Too bad!Many of the above are true but everything can be changed and corrected.
    True, I am a food lover, don’t eat much but very greedy when coming to fine food!
    I am happy to see that the family has another Taurus around…I fell like the baby and I will get along very well :)…heheheh. Can’t wait to see her!

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