on the train to wild wild west


I’ve been so lazy to turn the laptop on that I have two new sets of photos to upload to the blog but who knows when this will happen. This weekend perhaps?

Not that I don’t have anything to write about: I have loads of emails to reply, posts to comment, friends to get in touch with and of course my own blog to update.

Me tired of computer everyday I guess.

65 days to go, not much now. But still two months to go, which is quite a lot. Less than two months to stop working. I wonder if 2 tweeks at home before birth will be enough. I feel quite tired already and I keep thinking that it will get worse.

I’m off for 5 days end of March. Mr. C is taking some holidays before he starts at his new job and I decided to do the same. We have a lot to catch up together: cinema, lunch, chat, walks in London, shopping. He also has his things to sort out (new clothes for the new job) and I have mine (my electoral situation). So good timing.

Another weekend coming. I’m really looking forward to sleeping until midday. Haven’t had a nice night od sleep since last weekend.


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