Final stages


On Sunday I’ll be 30 full weeks. On the 9th it will be 7 full months, starting the 8th. According to Lilypie, I have 72 days to go. By Baby C’s kicks and moves, she seems alright to wait, but she is getting a bit tight in there.

I’ll take some photos of the tummy on Sunday. There’s still room for growth and I’m quite looking forward to seeing how much it can strech. I’m not sure if it is because I’m an anxious person, but I think this pregnancy is taking forever. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to end now, but it just feel like Baby C took her time to grow and since I can still put my shoes on by myself, sit on the floor and stand up without a big effort, I can run to catch the train (*), it just seems that I’m far from giving birth.

Anyway, good thing is that there are signs that I’m getting there. We have finally chosen my replacement at work – a month and week for her to start. I can’t wait to slow down and stop worrying about work. It’s in my nature to be workaholic, but I have so many other things to thing of… So this box is ticked.

I have about 3 other appointments with the midwife – more if Baby C decides to also take her time to come to this world, less if she is anxious to enjoy the Spring sunshine outside my tummy.

End of March, Mr C and I are taking 3 days off to sort out the baby’s essentials – the things I need to take to the maternity when time comes – and maybe one or two useless things just for the sake of buying something cute for her.

Then, all I can do is wait.

(*) I can run, I can exercise, I can go upstairs, I can walk fast, but I run out of breath really quickly and I have been having more bronchitis crisis due to somebody squeezing my lungs!


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