Baby C’s real name


Finding a name for your child is a hard task, especially when your other half is not from the same country as you are and even worse if you are leaving in a third country.

Our logic behind choosing Baby C’s name was to find one that sounds good in the three languages and won’t create problems to the child at school or in her life in general. So, names like Sunshine, Ray of Light, Moonwalker, May, England, Rio, Danube, etc, were all removed from the list. Fine, fine, they were NEVER in the list, because Baby C’s parents are very traditional.

We have a tiny list of names that work across all languages without sounding weird. By weird I mean wrong. I had in mind those Brazilian families that want to pay homage (???) to famous people and, geez, they manage to get it all wrong. Examples? Washington (yes, as first name) that it’s pronounced Uoshito, Michael becomes Maicon (like the football player), Ronald is Honaudi (the English H), Stephany is Ishtefanee, and so on. I really like Portuguese/Latin names, but I also don’t want the English pronouncing it wrongly – I can’t stop laughing of sports commentators when they say Brazilians/Italians/Spanish names on TV.

Anyway, it took us a while – or maybe not – to get to our choice. Actually, we chose on the first day, but we kept trying to find others and changed our minds several times and still today, although we have a preferred choice, we (me?) still wonder if it is the right/perfect name.

So Baby C is Baby Laura – for the Brazilian and Romanian followers, please pronounce it as in your mother tongue LAAAAAAURA, with an open A, not LORA like the English would say. English/American friends, LORA is also fine, that’s why we chose it. It sounds good in all languages. Actually, I wonder how the Chinese, German and Siberian would say it.

So, until further notice, i.e. until we see her face, Baby C is Little Laura (or Laurinha, or Lauruca? – how is it Little Laura in Romanian? Mr. C is not here to help me out).

Hmmmm, it’s now sounding a bit like the name of Brazilian soap operas main character (or villain) in my head. Shoot.


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  1. Eu simplesmente AMO esse nome!!! =)))
    Lindo lindo lindo!
    Eh engracado, mas o Vini se tivese nascido no Brasil, nao teria duvidas e o nome dele seria Bernardo (adoro!). Gosto da sonoridade do nome em ‘carioques’ =), mas a pronuncia americana, francamente, nao dah! Aih, ficou Vinicius =) Pelo menos Vini (ou Vinnie, ou Vinny) eh universal 🙂 Todo mundo pronuncia igualzinho 😉
    Vamos ver como serah escolher o nome pra the little second…

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