Baby C is doing very well, thank you!


I had another appointment today and it looks like Baby C is a nice healthy baby.

We are nearly 29 weeks (28 weeks + 5 days) and the height of the womb is 29cm (+1 cm in three weeks – seems a tiny growth to me, but the lady said it is perfect), heart beat is fine, and after smashing my belly as a bread dough, she said it’s all good.

I found out about a new trick to “activate” her: drink icy water. hehe Apparently the cold stimulates the baby. I hope it’s healthy (for her), as I’m going to try it this weekend. 😀  I L-O-V-E to feel and see her moves.; it’s just the best feeling ever!

Other than that, if all keeps going as it is, it looks like I’ll be able to have the baby at a birth centre for a more natural experience. I’ll find out more in my next appointment, in 4 weeks time.


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