Last weekend we had some friends sleeping over. It was great as it was a while since we last had time to chat properly about our plans, lives and the world. We had dinner cooked by Mari, a lovely chicken with onion cream and parma ham, potatoes and salad and on the following day we went to our favourite Portuguese restaurant not too far from here.

We tried to watch a film – Ali (about Mohammed Ali) – we all slept in the middle. The film was too slow for us and also didn’t explain much – I guess it’s for Ali’s fans, who know everything about him. Not our case.

On Sunday we also went to our future neighbourhood and showed our future house to our friends. From the outside as there are still people leaving in it. Far from civilization, but beautiful area.

Gui had a bad cold and I was really surprised that they came all the way from far-West London to visit us. Surprised but happy, because it’s a big effort and we had loads of fun. In the end, Mari and Mr. C caught the old (he was off sick 2 days), and Italiano was almost there. I was the only one who left the weekend unharmed(*).

Mr. C told his mom today that I don’t get sick because I come from Amazon and I have good resistence. I don’t come from Amazon, but I had so many alergy jabs when I was young and went through so many treatments to cure my allergies and bronchitis that I wouldn’t be surprised that I killed all the possible virus in me. I can’t even remember the last time I had a flu.


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